Our Parners

Our Mission: We leverage the good will, resources, and talents of New York City’s leading law firms to provide pro bono legal assistance to the city’s neediest residents. Through our projects, VOLS’ staff and volunteer attorneys help all kinds of New Yorkers solve difficult legal problems that have significant consequences for them and for their families. We strive to provide pro bono legal assistance when and where it will be most accessible to our clients, in settings familiar to them, instead of requiring people in desperate need to come to us. For questions or information, please contact Leslee Addington.  All referrals are confidential.

Since 1976, Facing History and Ourselves has offered in-depth professional development services; curricular resources; and ongoing support to educators and students in the areas of history, social studies, and language arts. They are dedicated to helping teachers around the world lead their students in a critical examination of history, with particular focus on genocide and mass violence. Please watch this Facing History Video. FH Liaison: David Levy

The Greenwich Village Youth Council is a non-profit youth-serving agency that has been empowering at-risk youth since 1969.

The Consortium is a coalition of high schools across New York State which have pioneered the creation of educational communities synonymous with active student learning, exemplary professional development and innovative curriculum and teaching strategies for 21st century students. Through our partnership with The Consortium, students at Essex Street Academy can earn a Regents diploma by completing PBATs (performance-based assessment tasks) in lieu of the Regents exams.
Essex Street Academy is pleased to have Young Voices/Big Sounds provide enriching music classes and an after-school program for the last 3 years. YoungVoices/BigSounds is a music education organization dedicated to providing dynamic musical instruction and performance opportunities to young people in New York City and beyond. They partner with schools, organizations, and companies to develop instrumental and beatmaking programs, vocal and percussion ensembles, and academic integration curricula. They believe in collaboration, creativity, and the power of music to help young people discover and express their voice.
ESA is partnering with doctors from NYU Langone and Bellevue to give our seniors access to a one-of-a kind drugs and sex education curriculum. Emergency medicine physicians and medical toxicologists engage in a series of talks with students to provide accurate, relevant, up to date information, instructing them in risk/benefit analyses, and sharing personal anecdotes of emergency room patient outcomes. The ultimate goal of the PEP Talks is to positively impact students’ attitudes and behaviors around drugs of abuse, and to create a bridge between local health care providers and the community.

Day One’s Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) partners with Essex Street Academy to provide critical teen dating violence prevention and intervention through trauma informed counseling and classroom workshops provided by a licensed master social worker who is on site four days a week. Participants in RAPP are referred by teachers, support staff, peers, or can self-refer.