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Essex Street Academy is a small, project-based high school in the Lower East Side.  As a member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium, ESA students are exempt from state tests and graduate by completing in-depth projects demonstrating the mastery of core skills and content.  We value diversity and inclusion in our community with respect to all identities and learning styles, and we strive to continuously build a community at ESA that is affirming, inspiring, and advances racial and social justice.

The staff at ESA is committed to learning from one another and our students. Our teachers write their own curricula to be student-centered with an emphasis on authenticity, depth of understanding, and multiple perspectives.  In class students examined essential questions such as “Is nationalism a force for good in the world?” and “How much do our genes really matter?”

We view our community at ESA as a family.  In advisory, students build close ties while developing social-emotional skills over the course of four years together.  We meet regularly as a whole school for our student-led Town Meeting to celebrate accomplishments, discuss tough issues, and just have fun.  We have built a strong foundation in restorative practices as a way of strengthening and maintaining our community over time so that ESA can always be a place where all students thrive.


We are interviewing for a school aide.

  • Under the supervision of the principal or dean, monitors school activities and spaces which do not require teaching or other professional skills
  • Conducts hall, bathrooms, common space sweeps and maintains presence in hallways
  • Assists school office staff when available to handle, store, and distributes instructional supplies and school related materials 
  • Assists Community Support Squad (CSS) in managing and monitoring record keeping tools 
  • Assists in maintaining order in the lunchroom and common spaces during lunch
  • Communicates with families and guardians regarding discipline and restorative practice related issues
  • Monitors the arrival and departure of students
  • Attends scheduled and impromptu meetings held by CSS and administration
  • Additional duties as requested by administration
  • Excellent record of attendance and punctuality
  • Demonstrated ability to work with supervisors and other school-based staff
  • Demonstrated history of good human relations
  • Demonstrated ability to efficiently carry out assignments
  • Bilingual candidates may be considered for schools with student or familial language needs 

Minimum of 4 hours per day, five days per week  

Please email with your cover letter and resume. Follow us on instagram to learn more!