Essex Street Academy is a small public high school in the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

At Essex Street Academy, we prepare all of our students for success in college and in life by treating them as individuals with specific strengths and needs, and appealing to their intellectual curiosity in our courses. Our emphasis on academic achievement coupled with the emotional support students need to be successful gives graduates from Essex Street Academy the best chance of being successful at the college of their choice.

End of Year Art Exhibition & Theater Production

We are celebrating the end of the year with 2 events from our arts departments on Wednesday, June 12th! Come browse the pieces of wonderful pieces of art ESA students have produced this year on the 1st floor from 5:30pm-6:10pm, then head up the cafe at the back of cafeteria to watch the spring theater […]

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for a parent coordinator to join our staff this year! Please see Join Our Staff for more information.
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Senior News

We’re so close to graduation! For more information about prom, graduation, and senior dues, please visit the Senior News page.

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Support ESA

Your support is needed now more than ever. Please consider donating to ESA today to allow us to continue to offer our students the many enrichment opportunities which make our school so special.