ESA French Ambassadors Thank You!

A couple of years ago, our school created an exchange program with the Lycée Camille Corot in Morestel, France, and we welcomed 48 students from this high school into our ESA community for a week-long exchange. This experience deepened our students\’ motivation to learn and use French in a very powerful way. In March of 2018, 12 of our French students were able to take a trip to France over spring break. The students stayed 5 days with their host families in Morestel, spent 2-3 days in Lyon – the capital of French cuisine – and finished with a week in Paris. While in Morestel, they participated in multiple classes at the high school, Lycée Camille Corot  (NYU, Université de Paris III) , took a tour of and observed French classes, and volunteered their time to read stories and/or present songs to young primary-school students learning English. This trip marked the beginning of a wonderful tradition of linguistic and cultural exchange through travel at ESA.

\”When I went to France, I was so scared; I had never been away from home or my family before, I was in a strange country and I didn’t know most of the kids very well. I didn’t know what to expect, but once we got there, all that changed. I tried things I had never dreamed of trying – like snails and frog legs – and we all grew really close with each other, the teachers and the other French students. It changed me and now I will always approach new things in life with a more positive outlook.\”

– Muse McCormack, 2014 French Ambassador, Class of 2016

In April of 2020, we hope to send 16 of our students to France. This trip would not be possible without the generosity of ESA supporters! Please considering donating to our program for our future students.


If you\’re interested in becoming an official sponsor, please see the French Ambassadors website for the sponsorship options.