Hard at Work

October 9, 2015

Students in Jenny\’s Senior Circle literature class, \”The Struggle To Survive\”, work together to get more out of the texts we read. In this photo you can see students working in groups to analyze a common theme they\’ve identified in 3 or more of Edwidge Danticat\’s short stories from \”Krik Krak\”. This short story text is set in Haiti and takes us on a journey through the political unrest of a country where people are literally struggling to survive.  Through better understanding the author\’s craft in \” Krik Krak\”, we can better understand the experiences of all people. As we discuss and grapple with themes like \”life\”, \”family\”, \”death\” and \”women in danger\”, we come to realize that human struggle is universal and often beautiful. In Jenny\’s class we believe when it comes to group work, that 2 (and sometimes 3) brains are better than one when thinking through complex literature!