Spring 2018 Office Hours

Unless noted, all office hours are from 8:15-9:15am. Also, students can also reach out to teachers for additional office hours by appointment, if necessary.


Clubs (updated 2/11)

Seward Park Campus Sports Teams: See Seward Park website for information about Seward Park Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.

*TM = Town Meeting

Lunch Clubs Feminism Club
(Lynn & Neha, 116)
  LGBTQIA (Jenny M, 208)    
After School Clubs/ Activities Global Kids
(Eris, 218)
  Big Sib Girls (Jane, 128, TM weeks) Dance
(Teatro SEA, 111)
Video Game Club
(Leslee, 230)
Running Club 
(Meghan & Pearl, 210)
League of Inspiration (Auditorium, non-TM weeks) Music 
(Ian/Kaz, 228)
(Teatro SEA, 115A)
Yearbook (Greg, 128, non-TM weeks)  
  Yoga (Meghan, 210, non-TM weeks)  
Clubs with Variable Meeting Times Community Service (Cristie, 216)

Mock Trial (Cyndy, 110)

Student Events Committee (Liz, 212B)

Big Sib
Girls – Town Meeting Wednesdays, Room 128
Teacher: Eris, Susie and Jane
The Big Sib Program matches up juniors and seniors with “little sibs” to provide mentorship for all freshmen students. Big sibs and little sibs will participate in teambuilding activities and a 3 day retreat through Outward Bound.


TBD, Room 130
Teacher: Adrienne
Cheerleading was founded by an ESA alumnus, Chioma Slater, who had a vision to build upon school spirit. These ladies cheer in two different seasons. The fall season is dedicated to the Seward Park Bears Basketball team, which include students from all of the schools in the building. The spring season represents ESA and the team includes all students from Essex Street Academy. Cheerios meet during lunch and after school to practice and build ideas for cheers.


Community Service
Meeting times variable; Room 216
Teacher: Cristie
The community service club organizes regular projects to allow students to be of service to their community. In the past, projects have involved community garden clean-up, library organization, horseback riding with kids with special needs, working at a food kitchen, etc. Members should be able to work well with others!


Thursday, Room 111
Teacher: Grisel from Teatro SEA, Monique
ESA is partnering with Teatro SEA, a local arts organization, to provide free dance classes! Come learn Latin dance forms with Grisel.


Feminism Club
Mondays during lunch,  Room 116
Teacher: Lynn, Neha
The Feminism Club will discuss how sexism and misogyny affect us in day to day life and how to achieve equality.


Global Kids Global Leaders
Mondays, Room 218
Teacher: Eris
Students identify global and local issues (such as global warming, violence against women, etc.) they want to address and work together to learn about the issue and how reduce or end the problems associated with it.


League of Inspiration
Non-Town Meeting Wednesdays, Auditorium
Teacher: Raw Crawford
The League of Inspiration is for the curious, career minded and creative. The group will work together on a variety of fun projects along with visits to museums, galleries and professional work spaces. Special guests and career professionals will help to inspire your creative development as a creative pioneer! #entrepreneurs #art #music #fashion #creative #tech #entertainment


Wednesdays during lunch in Room 208
Teacher: Jenny M
The LGBTQIA group welcomes all students who identify as LGBTQIA and those who are questioning! If you are interested come to a meeting or see Jenny M or Kim in the counseling office.


Mock Trial
Room 110
Teacher: Cyndy
Students serve as lawyers and witnesses in a case and compete in trials against teams from other NYC schools. Preparation for mock trials will be scheduled according to the events; see Cyndy if you would like to join! 


Thursday, Room 228
Teacher: Ian and Kaz
Join Young Voices, Big Sounds for beatmaking, songwriting, and piano playing!


Running Club
Mondays in Room 210
Teacher: Meghan and Pearl
The Running Club invites runners of all abilities to run around the neighborhood after school! There will be different groups for different paces.


Step Society
Teacher: Adrienne
A group of young ladies that represent sisterhood, community, dignity and school pride through Step performances. Meetings occur during lunch and after school. Lunch meetings are to build ideas for future shows and creating close relationships with one another. Once you are a lady of Inferno, a number of dedication activities, chants, Steps and positive mantras are memorized for the entire school to see with a coming out show.


Student Events Committee
TBD, Room 212B
Teacher: Liz
In this club, you will get the chance to plan many of the activities that make ESA special and fun! Participants plan spirit weeks, all-school trips such as our annual ice skating trip, movie nights, school parties, and more. This club is open to anyone who wants to take on a leadership role at ESA.


Mondays, Room 115A
Teacher: Teatro SEA
Each semester students work together to perform a full-length play. These plays are memorized and rehearsed until they are ultimately performed for students, staff, parents, and the outside world at the end of the semester. Past shows have included: Noises Off, The Crucible, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Twelve Angry Men, Boeing Boeing, Dangerous Liaisons, and The Mousetrap. The fall play tends to have a larger cast and is a chance to involve students in the experience of drama while the spring show tends to have a smaller cast with greater requirements for memorization.


Video Game Club
Fridays, Room 230
Teacher: Leslee
Love to play video games? Join the video game club where you can test your skills against other competitive gamers. Tournament brackets will be held to see which player is the best!


Non-Town Meeting Wednesdays, Room 128
Teachers: Greg
The yearbook club will be responsible for producing the annual ESA yearbook. Students will have the opportunity to work together to capture the memories and events of the school years through photography and page design/layout. We’re looking for creative students that are responsible and self motivated. We’re still looking for photographers, artists, and people interested in design and layout. We’re especially looking for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors!


Non-Town Meeting Wednesdays, meet in Room 210
Teachers: Meghan
Get fit and limber with Meghan at Yoga To The People studio! YTTP Vinyasa yoga classes are a fun way to exercise and find your inner om! Classes are 60 minutes, beginners welcome.