ESA Thanksgiving Potluck

ESA Thanksgiving Potluck. Thank you to everyone that has already signed up to contribute and/or donated.

Attached, please find a copy of the invitation/signup sheet (advisors distributed paper copies) and a Google slide highlighting the pertinent information. We encourage all families to sign up to contribute a dish or money. Food should be brought in the morning of the potluck, but the sooner money is contributed the better. You can send your child in with cash or send the money digitally via PayPal or Venmo (see the relevant usernames below), but you must indicate the student’s name and advisor, so we can keep track of the contributions:

  • Paypal: @GregorySFisher (note: don’t leave out the ‘S’)
  • Venmo: @GregFisher
  • If it prompts you for the last four digits of my phone number, they’re ‘4255’

Potluck slide please click

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