Substance Abuse Policy

In order to provide your children with the education they deserve, we must ensure that Essex Street Academy is a space with the highest possible standards. In order to uphold this culture of excellence, we take any instances of student engagement with drugs and alcohol extremely seriously. Students who engage with illegal substances (i.e., students who bring drugs or alcohol into the building, consume drugs or alcohol during school hours, attend school while appearing intoxicated, and students who smell of drugs or alcohol) will receive severe consequences.

If a student appears to have engaged with drugs or alcohol, the following consequences will occur:
● Immediate removal from classes
● Parent notification and immediate suspension from school pending an in-person parent-meeting
● Immediate revocation of out-lunch privileges
● Student referral for counselling services with a school social worker
● Forfeiture of access to extra curricular events: sporting events, dances, clubs, field trips overnight trips, etc.
● For repeated infractions, students will receive extended suspension from school for up to 90 days via Superintendent’s Suspension