At ESA we are committed to fostering an environment where students are fully engaged in learning. Our Electronics Policy is essential to cultivating that environment. We understand the importance of parent-student communication, which is why our students are allowed and have always been allowed to bring their cell-phones into school, provided that they keep them turned off and put away during the school day. Students who need to use a phone during school hours from 8:15am-4:10pm can use the main office phone.

ESA Electronics Policy:
A. All electronics must be off and out of view when inside the school during regular school days except during lunch from 12:35-1:20pm and afterschool. Electronics are not permitted during morning Office Hours from 8:15-9:15am. Nor are they permitted during the changing of classes.
B. A cell phone cart is available for students to safely secure their electronics during the school day. They can secure them when they arrive and retrieve them at dismissal. We encourage students to take advantage of this option as it will prevent any further distractions.
C. Any electronics visible and/or audible during school hours will be confiscated, given to a dean, and kept by the dean until a parent or guardian comes in to retrieve them.
D. A student who refuses to give their phone to a teacher will be sent to the dean.
E. If a student refuses to give the phone to dean, the student will be given a principal’s suspension.
F. Unacceptable electronics are defined as: Cellular Phones, iPods, iPads, Beats, and all other portable audio/video players, headphones, etc.

As you know, our intention with this policy is to eliminate disruptions to teaching and learning, and to foster an environment where students are focused and engaged with the academic tasks before them. In order to continue to best educate every student at ESA, it is absolutely essential that we continue to uphold these expectations.