Attendance Policy

Being present in class for every minute, every day, is essential to learning effectively.

Our students enjoy the privilege of going off campus for lunch. Starting on the 2nd week of school, if a student arrives late to school, s/he will lose the privilege of going out to lunch for that day. 

If you or your child will be absent, you should call or email your advisor informing him/her of the reason for the absence. The advisor will then notify the child’s teachers and our¬†secretary.

Excused absences include the following:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Funeral services for a family member
  • Participation in a school-approved activity (community service, field trip)

Absences for vacations and extended trips cannot be considered excused. Families should plan vacations and trips when school is not in session and must work with the school to develop plans for take-home and make-up work.

Tips for arriving on time and having excellent attendance:

  • Look up how long it takes for you to get to school on Google Maps, then add 20 minutes to it. There are always train delays in NYC.
  • Plan your doctors’ appointments far in advance to try to get the first or last appointment available. Some doctors are even open on weekends!