Joseph and Thalia dissect sheep brains in Mindmapping class.

Joseph and Thalia dissect sheep brains in Neuroscience class.

At ESA, we believe that students learn science by actually doing science! What that means is our classes are as hands-on as possible and ask students to design their own experiments and research projects. Through this inquiry-based approach, students gain expertise in the scientific method, which focuses on skills such as questioning, developing procedures, identifying variables, collecting and analyzing data and drawing conclusions.


We also focus heavily on the research portion of science, requiring students to read scientific articles, choose support for their stance, and properly cite sources. Students also learn to design controlled experiments, analyze data using mathematical and statistical calculations, and represent their data using Excel. While we are skill-focused, our 4 year scope and sequence includes a variety of content areas including genetics, earth science, ecology, anatomy, neuroscience, and more!


9th and 10th Grade Classes

Drosophila Love (Genetics)

Sucio (Dirty) (Ecology/Soil Science)


Climate Change

11th and 12th Grade Classes


Bodies (Human Biology)