The ESA Literature Department creates its own curriculum based on our experience with students, current research in the field, and the best elements of the Common Core Curriculum. We develop courses around the larger categories of Personal Narrative, Persuasive Writing, Response to Literature, and Creative Writing. Each semester students will learn and practice the techniques and elements important to  genres within one of these categories. For example, in a persuasive writing class, students may develop a speech and power point presentation to convince an audience that public housing is or is not a viable way to help people out of poverty. In a creative writing class, students may focus on stories that embody the magical realism techniques of Latin American writers, then create their own short stories reflecting these techniques and themes through their own cultural lens.


We believe students need to be able to read and write in multiple genres using fiction and non-fiction as texts to analyze as well as emulate. Projects within a semester challenge students to interpret, analyze, present, and create their own work, not simply respond to test questions. We develop projects and assignments that require students to develop their expressive language skills as well as many types of writing. We tailor our classes to the needs of our students to maximize engagement and practice using the literacy skills they will need in college and the world of work.


9th and 10th Grade Classes

Coming of Age (Jenny/Caitin)

What Makes a Family? (Jane)

2 + 2 = 5 and other Dystopian Realities (Greg, Advanced Literature)

11th and 12th Grade Classes

Decisions and Dreams (Jackson)

What Shapes African Identity? (Jane)