May 10th: Showcase of Learning

May 10th: Showcase of Learning

On Friday May 10th, ESA will be having its first Showcase of Student Learning! The purpose of the event is to have to have students share their learning with a public audience. Students will…

  • share their stories
  • reflect on their growth
  • engage in an authentic dialogue with others in the community about their learning.

We look forward to celebrating the learning and accomplishments of our students inside the classroom in a public manner for all to see! Come to the 2nd floor of ESA after school! Students – you get extra credit for attending and completing a reflection handout!

Here are the students who are slated to present so far.


Visual Arts: Summer Carty, Lucca Venezia


9/10 Lit: Juan Correa

Dystopian Lit: Erika Sanchez Garzon

Power & Authority in Lit: Kerelyn Rodriguez

Deconstructing Identity in Lit: Kaylin Torres, Skylyn Rosado, Isabel Delgado


Algebra 1B: Dylan Molina, Narelyn Hidalgo, Nathalee Almonte

Geometry: Liz Zapata

Trigonometry: Andreina Frias Paulino, Malika Dames

Calculus: Ernest Brima


Con Law: Qumar Holder, Jaeseo Shin, Kayla Baez, Luis Maldonado, Dallas Molina, Anfernee Casilla

World at War: Luis Guadalupe, Jennifer Cowling, Doris Olmos, Paula Ejsmentewicz, Emily Charlot, Hannah Connor Billini, Monase François

Psychology: Ellis Rodriguez, Ming Lawyer

Social Justice: Catherine Chapel, Catherine Blake, Sanai Quinoññes Grant, Lily Mechner


Forensics: Violet McMullen, Brianna Smith

Neuroscience: Carlos Rolon

Sucio: Diarra Scott

Chemistry: Jeremy Santiago, Khalil Rasool


French 2: Karen Coatl, Lili Clarke, Jason Weng, Abigail Kim

Spanish: Mya Santos, River Festa-Rios, Josiah Gilyard