*All staff members can be reached with firstname@essexstreetacademy.org

Wallace Simpson, Principal wallace@
Nick Tapino, Assistant Principal nick@
Susie Kang, Operations Manager susie@
Jane Collins jane@
Greg Fisher greg@
Jenny Platow jenny@
Jackson Shafer jackson@
Caitlin Thomas caitlin@
Social Studies  
Maurice Blackmon maurice@
David Russell david@
Monique Velazquez monique@
Cyndy Ware cyndy@
Lynn Yellen lynn@
Leslee Addington leslee@
Sarah Ahmed sarah@
Nora Madsen nora@
Pearl Ohm pearl@
Daniel Sherwood daniel@
Rosa Bauer-Moshi rosa@
Neha Chheda neha@
Susie Kang susie@
Liz Maron liz@
Cristie Praeger cristie@
Alex Zaugg alexz@
Languages Other Than English (LOTE)  
Chris Barley, Spanish chris@
Stacy Blair, French stacy@
Student Support  
Agustina Cordes-Moulton, Secretary agustina@
Gabe Fermin, Dean gabe@
Meghan Gray, College Counselor meghan@
Eris Johnson-Smith, Community Director eris@
Jenny McCue, Social Worker jen@
Nora Madsen, Special Education Services nora@
Denise Petrillo, Dean & Special Education Services denise@
Mike Rivera, Dean mike@
Alex Schmerge, Speech alex@
Alex Zaugg, Special Education Services alexz@