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Essex Street Academy is hiring for 2018-19!  We invite educators in all disciplines including social workers to apply!



Essex Street Academy is a small, project-based high school in the Lower East Side. We are a consortium school and are exempt from all standardized tests, with the exception of the ELA Common Core exam. We value diversity in our student body in relation to race, gender, sexuality, religion and language; similarly, we embrace diversity in styles of learning.


The staff at Essex Street Academy support each other in taking risks and evolving professionally. Our teachers write their own curricula with an emphasis on depth over breadth. This allows us to tailor our teaching to our students, collaborate with one another, and develop lessons that are authentic and rigorous. We work in departmental and interdepartmental beehive groups to explore professional development as a team. We use standards-based grading to reinforce to our students that learning is about work habits and skills, not just grades. Similarly, our social workers collaborate as a team with administrators and teachers to assist students both academically and emotionally.


In our community, we talk about ESA as a family. We value student voice and treat our upperclassmen as leaders. We meet bi-weekly as a whole-school community in Town Meeting, which is an entirely student facilitated time to celebrate accomplishments, discuss tough issues and have fun together. As a school, we are in the process of integrating restorative practices as a means of addressing discipline issues as meaningful and reflective rather than punitive.  We value our students’ socio-emotional learning and meet twice weekly for advisory to learn and discuss mental and physical health, growth and development.



If you are interested in applying to work at Essex Street Academy, please send your resume to ESA Hiring Team at